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The North Suburban Hammond Organ Society was originally formed as the "North Suburban Chapter of the Hammond Organ Society," to promote and encourage enjoyment and performance of popular music played on the Hammond Organ. The first meeting of the NSHOS was held on Monday evening, October 25, 1965 at the Reading, MA showrooms of the Hammond Organ Studios of Boston, sponsored by Tom Meade, Mase Harvey and Mary O'Harra who presided as the board of directors. The following interim officers were appointed until such time as an official election should take place:

An official election took place on April 24, 1967 at which the following officers were installed:

Those of us who now share in the fine musical meetings and the resulting pleasant friendships of the society owe a debt of gratitude to the pioneering efforts of the original organizers. In addition to the above named officers, our sincere thanks go to the founding members:

Gil and Lillian Cook, Ralph and Sylvia MacCaulay, Herb and Marge Marshall, Dingley Cummings, Charles and Ruth Bean, Rosemary Dexter, Al and Betty Hamilton.

In 1973 an increasing number of instrument manufacturers entered the home electronic organ market and Hammond withdrew sponsorship of the society. Because the distributors of several of these new organs were furnishing instruments for our regular meetings, it became clear that the organization should not bear the name of any particular manufacturer or brand, so the North Suburban Hammond Organ Society was subsequently renamed the North Suburban Home Organ Society. Members who play currently own representative examples of most of the commercially available electronic organs.

With the development of this website, we have given this club an important web presence which has resulted in its becoming a leader in this field. New members find and join us as a result of this website; in 2012, our vice president and premier concert artist, Jim Gregory came to us after seeing these pages. Also, knowing that the well-known Hammond organ is itself the subject of many web sites and much Internet activity, we have, as far as the web pages go, changed the group name back to North Shore Hammond Organ Society, although regarding some aspects of our operation, we have retained the "home" organ designation so that large amounts of pre-printed paperwork and our checking account can still be used, however we are now known as the North Suburban Hammond Organ Society once again, at least as far as new literature is concerned and also of course this web site.

This is fitting now, especially because the club currently has and features two Hammond organs; an older C2 console, and an X66. It seems therefore appropriate to call ourselves "Hammond" organ society once again inasmuch as we are featuring Hammond instruments for all of our programs. Even when artists bring in various keyboards and other equipment, the concerts still center around one or both of these Hammonds.

In keeping up with modern trends in musical instrumentation, we also maintain an interest in the digital keyboard. Some of our concerts feature this newer technology along with MIDI applications and digital signal processing. Several of our artists have also produced CDs incorporating state-of-the-art MIDI, digital signal processing, and multi-track recording in addition to more traditional electronic organs and recording methods.

The group continues with monthly meetings throughout the year. Formerly, we shut down for the summer, having no meetings in July or August, but we started having meetings in the summer as of four years ago, a practice which is meeting with considerable success. Meetings are generally held on the first Friday of every month in the auditorium of the Woburn, MA Senior Center on School Street in Woburn. Click on the "our meetings" link below for driving directions. Occasionally, we will schedule a meeting for some other day rather than the first Friday if our regular meeting date is close to a major holiday such as Christmas.

Our most recent new activity is setting up to help other similar groups maintain their continued operation. We do not look upon other similar groups as competition but rather as colleagues, and it is to everybody's benefit if all continue operation. However in these modern times, conditions and interests are quite different from what they were when the NSHOS and other similar groups began operation and analog technology was it. In order to survive and continue, groups such as the NSHOS must embrace the Internet and also modern MIDI based and digital electro-musical instruments and equipment. Interest in and use of MIDI based instruments however is not viewed as a replacement for the Hammond organ but rather a supplement to it. Likewise, although this and similar groups are primarily interested in the electronic organ, particular the traditional Hammond models, the occasional use of other non-MIDI instruments, such as pianos, accordions, saxophones, etc. along with Hammond organs is becoming quite popular and definitely something to consider when planning your programs. Entertaining and pleasing our audiences should always be the guiding tenets of any group such as ours.

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