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This fine example of an exceedingly rare and unusual instrument is being offered as a gift for anyone who is willing to give it a new home and enjoy the instrument. The present owner is replacing it with a larger Allen instrument. Here is the donor's description.


One Wurlitzer Electrostatic Organ, Model No. 4602, and one Wurlitzer Tone Cabinet, Model No. 500. Also included: bench for organ, long connection cable from console to tone cabinet, complete circuit diagrams for both together with extensive notes on the theory and repair of these items. The organ has had its main capacitors replaced and is in excellent playing condition. The tone cabinet is complete but is not presently functional, although the Leslie speaker motor and rotor work on independent power. See photographs for condition of both units; finish is blond Oak, in excellent condition.

The present owner acquired this instrument in 2008 and is now seeking to find it a good new home in order to clear space for another more modern instrument. Its present location is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The owner feels responsible for finding this historic instrument a new home rather than junking it, and so he is offering it free to anyone willing to pay the cost of shipping it to their address. For purposes of figuring freight costs, the organ console weighs about 500 lbs.; the Tone Cabinet weight is estimated at ca. 150 lbs. Shipper/new owner is also responsible for satisfying any requirements of Customs for international shipping.

Any questions may be addressed to the owner at Paul@Ohannesian.ca

Wurlitzer 4602 console and speaker cabinet

General interior view. The large beige area in the lower right of the console is the soundproof enclosure for the electrostatic reed unit. If you are viewing this on a computer, roll your cursor over the picture, You should get identifying titles of individual sub-assemblies. This feature, however may not work on most smartphones.

Wurlitzer console interior
Power Amplifier
Stop Relays
Stop Action DC Power Supply
Console Speaker
Reed unit in Here
Reed unit in Here
Expression Pedal Enclosure