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The following instruments are available for immediate sale. Please click on the links below to see the details and contact information for instruments for sale. These are excellent instruments, bargain-priced, and all are in private homes. These instruments are representative examples of some of the finest ever created. None of them have been used commercially or on gigs. The Allen CONTINENTAL CAROUSEL listed below is a good example of a modern electronic organ.

If you have an electronic organ that you would like to sell, we'll advertise it right here. Click here for contact information. We do ask for a nominal one-time $10.00 payment for setting up an ad on this website; proceeds go to benefit the NSHOS concert series.

Also 2 Conn 650 theater-style console organs.

Allen continental carousel console

The Continental Carousel is a very good-sounding instrument designed for playing pops music. Allen organs have long been known for their high quality, genuine musical sound, and very comfortable, user-friendly consoles. From my own personal experience, I can attest to the superiority of every Allen model when compared with other similar instruments. The Continental Carousel has a number of interesting features, perhaps the most unusual is the unique mechanical "strumming" effect that, depending on your touch, changes the way reiterative percussions, such as a banjo or a marimba, will strum, giving a much more natural sound than the simple reiteration that many instruments use. Also, note that this instrument has a full-size AGO style 32 note pedalboard. Contrary to what you might think, it is MUCH easier to do really good pedal playing on an AGO pedalboard than on the 13 "broomstick" pedals of a spinet.

 Allen Organs Information 

Hammond Console

Model A Hammond


Immaculate, pristine Hammond Model A, serial number 6. This is one of several instruments that we have advertised and which has been sold as a result of this ad. If you have an electronic organ that you wish to sell, let us know. For a voluntary donation of $10.00, we'll put your ad on this website and let it run for as long as necessary until you, too will see the word "sold" in big red letters beside the picture of your instrument.

Selling an Electronic Organ?
List it here on our pages for $10.00!

As of recently, we have sold twelve instruments through this website.

Two Leslie 700 series speaker cabinets.
Price Reduced!

Leslie speaker cabinet


So call me now and let's discuss! We have two 700 series Leslie Speakers that we are not going to be using. Buy the pair for $200, or buy either one for $125. These prices are lower than I've seen on eBay recently so take advantage. It's a win/win situation. You get some nice Leslies at a very good price, and our club gets money to put towards upgrades on our C2. Or make us an offer. Here's a great opportunity to get real Leslie sound for your instrument. Our club's needs have changed and we will not be using these. The price does not include shipping. If you'd like, call Eric Larson at 978 471 9403 if you'd like to pick them up yourself or to discuss in more detail. These units have modern solid-state power amplifiers; no vacuum tubes to worry about here! Sold as is, we have not tested them. They did function correctly at their original locations. All proceeds from this sale go towards upgrading our club's C2 Hammond.

I have advertised these here because I want our page visitors to have the first opportunity to buy these. However, I want to move them quickly so on March 15th, I'm going to put these on eBay where they will move fairly quickly. If you have looked at these previously and wanted to buy them but procrastinated, know that in less than two weeks they'll be on eBay, and that means they will soon get sold, and for a higher BIN than you see here! So if you want them, better make your move while they are still on this page.

Contact Eric Larson  about these speaker cabinets

WE GET RESULTS If you have an electronic organ to sell, click here. We'll advertise it for a nominal donation of $10.00. Our site statistics show an average of 1000 visitors to these pages every month! Just click this link and then on the form provided, fill in your request for advertising information in the message box on the form. We'll tell you how to proceed so that your instrument will be on these pages where lots of folks can see it every single month.