What is MIDI?

North Suburban HAMMOND ORGAN Society

Figure 7. Here are several demos of some of MIDI's many possibilities for creating orchestral instrument imitations and the effect of a combo or a band. Note: This is Flash based. It will not work on all cell phones. For best results, view and listen to this on a desktop or laptop.

We at the NSHOS hope that this brief overview of MIDI has been helpful. As I mentioned before, there is a lot of information on the web about MIDI and its various applications. It is a wonderful tool for musicians as it opens possibilities that were not available before. For example, if you wrote a song and then wanted to hear what it would sound like if played by a small group, or a larger group and also hear it on many different instruments, it would be almost impossible for you to do that unless you hired a number of musicians to play it for you. MIDI, however, with good equipment lets you play all of the individual instrumental parts and do so both with great accuracy and authentic instrument sounds.

Here are a few samples or excerpts of MIDI effects combined with a Hammond Organ. Notice in Take Five the realistic saxophone and drums with piano background. The second track is a MIDI version of the famous Take Five drum solo. The next song, Goofus, demonstrates a rhythm section and also a banjo, and finally in the beginning of Hawaiian War Chant, notice the realistic guitar and other instruments. Note that these are not complete songs, just short samplings to demonstrate what is possible with MIDI.


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