North Suburban Hammond Organ Society


Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips

“I had two ‘teachers,’ one of them local, our neighbor down the street. She was very good, she focused on making music different and not playing the same thing the same way all the time. That has stuck with me all these years...some 40 of them. I learned the most from Mr. Lee O. Erwin of NYC. He worked with me on harmony, theory and just in general, how to apply it. My time spent with that wonderful man at the various keyboards has made a vast difference in my playing. I love to experiment with harmony almost getting it to the point where it is dissonant at times. Most of my arrangements are off the cuff, at least the various parts of them are.

“I believe in making vast differences in texture with organ music. Dynamics are important to me; I like to have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats to hear the music, then blast them right back. I love the theater organ style along with the Hammond Jazz style.”

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