North Suburban Hammond Organ Society


Don Sansom

Don Sansom has been playing regular programs for the NSHOS for many years. Don's musical activity commenced at age eight when he began a three year series of piano lessons. At age 16, he resumed his piano study, and then during his college years, he played in numerous groups. After college during the mid 60s he began a career as a Hammond organ salesman and demonstrator for the Hammond Organ Studios of Boston. During this time, he met the legendary John Kiley who was the featured musician at both the Boston Garden and also Fenway Park.

Don simultaneously plays a Yamaha keyboard and the X66 Hammond.

Kiley, upon hearing Don play was sufficiently impressed and hired Don as his replacement for times when other playing engagements kept him from performing at either the Garden or Fenway. From these engagements, Don's reputation grew and he began a multi-year career of playing for various groups and functions.

Don at a Yamaha keyboard.

Don playing both a Hammond X66 and a Yamaha keyboard at an NSHOS meeting.

More recently, after retiring from a thirty-five year career in the insurance business with John Hancock, Don has devoted all of his spare time to performing, saying that "it's nice to be doing a job that I thoroughly enjoy with no stress at all." Don currently plays for numerous dances, private parties, and other venues including his appearances with the NSHOS.


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